Planetary Sciences

We study solar system objects, their atmospheres, surfaces and interiors, and governing processes using planetary exploration (i.e., spacecraft-based observations), laboratory experiments, physics-based theoretical/ numerical modelling, and computer simulations. Our objective is to improve the fundamental understanding of the planetary bodies using the best available scientific tools and technology.

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The Planetary Science group at PRL is organizing the Indian Planetary Science Conference (IPSC) since 2020. The main objective of this annual conference is to provide a single platform for planetary researchers in India to present and discuss their research accomplishments. The 2023 IPSC was organized in the PRL in March by the Indian Planetary Science Association (IPSA) – A society registered in February 2023. IPSC 2024 is being merged with the ICPEH under the theme of Planets. We accept abstracts on the following broad topics.

  • Planetary Atmospheres, surfaces and interiors

  • Space Instrumentation, new technologies for space missions and policies

  • Current and future space missions

  • Solar Wind Interaction with Planetary Bodies

  • Space Weather on Planets